I’m delighted to offer manuscript consults on novels and short fiction. These can include a package of whichever combination of line edits, editorial memo, and phone discussion works best for you and your work. Please email me to find out more: hermione@hermionehoby.com

Testimonials from former clients and students:

“Hermione is an exceptionally perceptive, intelligent, and inspiring editor. She is excellent at identifying a writer’s strengths, while being attentive to narrative clarity and formal elegance. She often poses her observations as insightful questions that have allowed me to dig deeper into my own practice.” – Osheen Jones, writer

“Hermione helped me understand the difference, in my writing, between a good story and a story the reader senses the writer needed to tell. She encourages her students to be egoless and curious, and she leads by example. What’s more, she is genuinely kind and real, which made me look forward to workshop each week.” – Maggie Love, MFA candidate at UC Irvine